Bristol Airport Planning Application

"Bristol Airport has submitted a planning application to North Somerset Council (ref. 18/P/5118/OUT) for the first phase of a plan to grow eventually to 20 million passengers per year from a current level of 8.6 million. Many local people in North Somerset are opposed to this expansion drive because it will turn neighbouring green belt land into a car park, it will create greater traffic congestion on local roads and it will bring increased noise and pollution. In addition, the aviation sector is the fastest growing source of greenhouses gases that are contributing significantly to climate change.

Consequently a group of local activists and residents have launched a crowd-funding initiative via the well-regarded ‘Crowdjustice’ platform to seek funds from people who are concerned with the expansion of Bristol Airport. The money raised will pay for a leading barrister to provide much-needed expert advice on the Bristol Airport application. We need to raise the money urgently to stop an extra 23,600 air transport movements a year from degrading our local environment and congesting our roads. If you would like to donate, please go to -

Upcoming Events

Blagdon History Society

Our monthly meeting is a little different in October – a whole weekend!

October 12th and 13th, an open exhibition, 'Know Your Village – Street End'.

In Court Lodge 10am – 4pm each day. There will also be a further opportunity to view on the following Wednesday, exact times to be confirmed.

Come and browse our displays of photographs, newspaper cuttings, maps and information, focussing on the Street End area of the village.

Find answers to some of the questions below or ask your own.

For instance: What was the area like in the 1840s? Where could you find the beerhouse, bakery or Rhodyate Stores? Where was the YWCA Hostel? Who were notables Ike Smart and John Clark. When were blacksmiths working in the forge and who founded Mendip Garage? Where was the Mendip Hotel or the shirt factory........ and more.

We are also delighted to be launching our new edition of Volume 1 of the History of Blagdon series. It has been re-edited and updated with several brand new chapters. An excellent Christmas present perhaps?

Court Lodge is next to Blagdon Post Office and Stores, not far from the village car-park.

Regular Events

Classes held in the Village Hall by Emma Charlton

Pilates on Mondays at 6pm

Pure Stretch classes on Wednesdays at 6pm.

More details can be found at

Emma is also ken to start up Parent Antenatal classes in the future and would be Spinning Babies Parent Education Workshops – details can be found here



Content coming soon

Chew Valley Connect

Chew Valley Connect next meting will be at Bishop Sutton Village Hall (BS39 5XQ ) on Tuesday 9 July, from 2.30 to 4.30. The village hall is in the middle of the village, on the A368.

You are warmly invited to come to the informal get together on July 9th, and if you can car share, or bring someone who doesn’t drive, that would be great! If you want to be kept in touch with plans, or if you have any questions, email or contact Rural Connections at WERN on 01934 225184.

In April a group of older people from in and around the Chew Valley got together in Redhill Village Hall to launch a new idea. Chew Valley Connect is bringing older people together informally to make new friends, and find new shared and interesting things to do. Here is just a sample of the interests people came up with: craft, visiting National Trust properties, cooking, chatting over tea or lunch, walking, skittles, gardening club, playing Scrabble…….and plenty more. People swapped contact information, so they can go ahead and arrange activities together. As well as talking – much tea was consumed along with plenty of scones and cake!

Here are some of the things people said at the meeting in April

“I’ve made some new connections, we’ve swapped contact information and will meet again. It was a lovely afternoon!”

“When you are on your own it is not so easy to meet new people, and it has been lovely chatting to people I hadn’t met before”

“I’ll encourage friends to come next time. When you’re older you have to keep reaching out.”

“It was fun! I will encourage other friends to come too next time”

Click on the below links to watch a short video about Rural Connections and how it can help you or someone you know. 

Helping those in need

Rural Connections


Bristol Airport Expansion Plan

This site is frequently updated through the Facebook feed visible on the site (so no need to have a personal fb page) with as much factual evidence of the proposed expansion that can be found. All recent plans, evidence and media report scan be found on the below link.

It’s worth looking at the ‘Updates’ and ‘Take Action’ pages fairly regularly as things are changing rapidly as momentum against expansion builds across North Somerset at a rate of knots.

Flyers and posters are also available to download from the ‘Take Action’ page.’




Off site parking for Bristol Airport

Bristol Airport has set up a contact site where any issues of off site parking or issues associated with Taxi's can be reported. This will allow all reported issues to be properly investigated.  Please send your concerns to them directly at: